Recent Work

Comments about his recently exhibited sculptures using ceramics:

In recent years I have increasingly used ceramics for sculptures. It is one of those materials that allows for a more direct approach to constructing a sculpture. Consequently motifs can appear more intuitively, surfacing from somewhere hidden. Many times I am mystified as to their origin. I am very influenced by Japanese ceramic aesthetics; the love of the material, the process of making, of accident and working with spontaneity and instinct after exploration and study. I am guided by feelings for overall structure, simple, strong forms and emerging associative elements. The positive and negative forms of objects or entities must be interlocking and held together by the dialogue between opposing forces. I presently use a variety of high temperature clays sometimes using oxides to enhance colouration. 

Current works began their development at the Artigas Foundation in Catalonia, which has strong historic Mediterranean, Catalan and Japanese connections, both modern and traditional. My travels and studies have made a definite impact, especially my contact with Native American Northwest Coast arts and Mediterranean antiquities. I also have a deep appreciation for modernist sculptural forms that have an affinity with natural organic growth. Henry Moore, whom I visited many times is a constant guide. So consequently, my works have both a modern and ancient feeling about them. 


My work ranges from abstraction to figurative, however I see commonalities throughout. I move back and forth from the less obvious associative images to more explicit figurative narratives. I consciously use the similarities of language between the visual vocabulary and music. The wanderings of the eye across the canvas can be controlled. Lyrical line is important as well as dynamic contrasts and rhythmic elements.